Jithin Sanal

Web Application Security Tester
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About Me

About Me?

My name is Jithin. Grown up in India, I worked as a Network Admin of QBurst Technologies for a year and now I am a Security Tester in the same company.

The Story

My interest in electronics started when I was young. I still remember carrying a battery and a blue LED in my house during power outage. As time passed, I started playing around with small components and learned the building blocks – various components, soldering and started making simple circuits. Gradually, the complexity increased and moved on to real things.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been able to successfully build so many hobby projects, and they have been nothing but pure fun.

But there is no such thing as overnight success. It all took time, dedication and years of hard work. We all are human beings. We do make mistakes. Sometimes, it seems like the end of the world. But I assure you, there is always a silver lining. Mistakes teach us what works and what does not. Ask yourself “What or Where it went wrong?” and learn from it.

I thought of sharing my experience so that its easier for others to follow in my steps and avoiding the mistakes which once seemed like a dead end to me.

Other Interests

I am not a pro Guitar player but I love my Guitar and enjoy playing it. Sometimes even looking at it makes me happy.

Yes, I read. I am a little bit into time travel, parallel universe, lucid dreaming, astral projection, consciousness and stuffs.  Books, movies and documentaries – big fan of Science Fiction; simply widens the boundaries of our imagination.

I love to travel around with my friends and family. I live in Kerala, the southern most state of India, well known for its tropical climate, landscapes and stunning art forms. Wide sandy beaches at Kovalam, high altitude mountains at Munnar and Idukki covered with greenery, backwaters of Alleppey are just few of them.

I didn’t set foot on foreign soil until the age of 25. My first outside trip was to Cambodia via Kualalampoor with my friends. I enjoyed everything about that trip, from the little things like eating with the chop stick to the walk through the valleys of massive, ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. From that day, I decided to explore as many different countries as time and money would allow.